Omer Qalonbi

The Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI)

Dear Sir/Madam
Welcome to the Somaliland’s Civil Service Institute (CSI) and thank you for choosing to visit/read the     academic catalog information of the Institute.   

As the Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI-Somaliland), strengthening government institutions through the different faculty education, professional training & institutional capacity development programs is our main priority. According to the Institute’s Establishment Act our Mission is; to deliver high quality academic and training programs based on the identified human resource needs, resulting in a cadre of civil service officers committed to delivering high quality services in the public sector of the government of Somaliland.

The mandate of the institute affirms the status of the institute as the highest national training and capacity development institution that is fervent to serve as a center of excellence that provides outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate education programs in the public sector administration, governance and public policy studies. On top of that, the demand of professional trainings and capacity development programs from the different government institutions has grown impressively in numbers and in quality. Whilst, CSI and GIMPA (Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration) developed the training modules of 42 out of the 81 identified training courses needed by the civil servants as per the TNA report conducted by CSI and GIMPA in 2019.