The Civil Service Institute (CSI), as a Center of Excellence, was founded in May 2005 and its main campus in Hargeisa was officially opened on 19th September 2009. The aim of the institute establishment was to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude of civil servants, including Local Government staff particularly A & B districts through the provision of short-term professional training and long-term training programs throughout Somaliland, with the vision to improve public service delivery.

To realize this goal, Civil Service Institute (CSI) has opened a new center in Burao to provide training to civil servants in eastern regions of Somaliland to enhance their capacity in order to deliver better services to all Somaliland citizens. Opening of the new center is a part of CSI expansion strategy, which is in line with NDP II capacity building planning as it contributes to SDG 17 outcome one which is “By 2021, develop civil service quality standards and certification for competence measurement”.


Therefore, from now an onwards, civil servants in eastern regions will have access to quality, needs-based, and free of charge training and academic programs, which will help them to improve their performance and will enable them to deliver timely efficient services, which can also lead them to promote and to pursue bachelors’ or master’s degree. Hence, CSI conducted the first short-term training of Result Based Management with the target group of regional coordinators of different ministers and government agencies based in Burao.