Second, September 22, 2021, CSI launches the thesis proposal defense for a masters program the institute jointly provides with Jijiga University. These students are specializing in Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Development (DRM&SD) and will receive a masters degree upon their completion of the program.
Students have recently completed their course work and are now in the midst of working on their thesis research paper. CSI jointly started this masters program with Jijiga University in 2019 and this first batch are currently turning the last-stones towards the completion of their masters degree. We also want to mention that there is another batch that are currently halfway through their freshman year in this same program of DRM&SD.
The institute has also recently launched a secon masters program (MSc in Accounting and Finance) jointly with Jijiga University. The admission of this program is currently open and will close on October 6th, 2021.
The institute congratulates these students for the hard work and perseverance they have shown during their coursework days and thesis proposal writing.